The Capricorn South Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto

“The ways in which we collectively structure our society (Saturn) according to our beliefs (Jupiter) and explore our most transformative and in-depth psychological processes (Pluto) are currently shaped by the conditioning factors of Capricorn. This reveals the importance of this archetype in forming our current collective understanding of power and its role in shaping our civilisation.” Mark Jones, Healing the Soul p80.

Jupiter Capricorn Nodes – How we codify our beliefs into laws designed to protect ourselves through consensus agreement of those qualities. A socially constructed and agreed upon ideal based upon (religious) dogma, itself designed to codify a way of living that benefits the individual enough without harming the collective, and enforced through set of laws.  A necessary restriction of natural impulses to create the order necessary for a safe society, one in which collective conditioning facilitates harmonious interactions that benefit the majority.  The Great Work of human culture is the enabling of freedom for each and everyone free from the primal fear of our animal instincts. ‘Democracy’ enforced through control and fear.

Saturn Capricorn Nodes – The establishment; the set of bureaucratic practices and procedures that impose a strict hierarchy of governing principles and which create the Parliamentary offices ascended to by those in which we place our trust.

Pluto Capricorn Nodes –   Political power and manipulation; the process of collective conditioning; the deep unconscious or compulsive urges of the collective; the potential for extreme upheaval of social structures, the overthrowing or undermining of government, of the ruling order; extreme policies of rule; fear of destructive or subverting elements; the herd mentality of adherence to a strict, fanatical, intolerant, set of rules designed to limit freeedom; the imposition of extreme conditions.