Neptune is the principle of consciousness itself, the Source, the One Truth, the spiritual essence, God.  The power of Neptune stepped down to the physical level is disruptive to anything that is contained or bound in some way.  Where Uranus disrupts through shattering and sudden shocking events that cause trauma, the diffuse Neptune erodes the walls over time until they start to crumble.  It works slowly and is often the energy behind chronic life threatening health conditions where there is no foreseeable resolution or cause.  Much like Mars Saturn aspects, Neptune in aspect to Saturn or in a midpoint picture has this same feared reputation when it comes to health conditions.

With the Moon, Neptune controls the body’s fluid balance but also rules poisons and toxins and prominently positioned in a chart can indicate someone who is sensitive to medication or drugs in general.  The relationship to cellular toxicity can be explored through Neptune’s aspects to others planets, including midpoints, and by its house and sign position.  Neptune weakens bodily processes and hence can create sluggish organs and a condition of general malaise.  Lethargy if often the result of a toxic/sluggish lymphatic system which also falls under Neptune’s domain.  The relationship with Mars at the solar plexus level as mentioned previously (see Mars) can see Neptune negatively effect energy levels when the light of consciousness is blocked from entering at the cellular level. It is possible that Homeopathy is Neptune ruled due to the doctrine of ‘like curing like’ and who’s affect can be negligible in those with chronic dehydration.