The calcification of physiological processes, such as in the formation of bone, is Saturn’s main area of influence.  Saturn binds and contains and a delicate balance is required between containment and liberation (Uranus) if our physical, mental and emotion beings are not to become clogged with the stagnation of toxic residue caused from a faulty or overburdened elimination (Pluto) process.

The processes described by Saturn have an intimate relationship with the fluid balance in the body because it is Saturn that contains and holds the fluids (Moon).  With this in mind we can see how the building blocks of life, proteins (ruled by Saturn), are vital to the containment of cellular activity as it is proteins which surround and give structure to the fluid matrix of the cell.  Capricorn/Saturn is responsible for the Gall Bladder, hypo functioning of organs because of its constraining action, and the skin as a boundary between ourselves and the outer world.

Mars and Saturn are responsible for the production of metabolic acids that need to be balanced out by alkalines for optimum health.  Saturn rules protein which, when broken down, creates acidic by products.  The balance is achieved through Libra and the function of the kidneys, so long as the liver has been able to neutralise excess acidity beforehand, otherwise the acid condition will back up into the blood and then the lymph manifesting as various ailments along the way. There is an important relationship between Saturn (Calcium) and Mars (Sodium) with the notorious pairing of the planets being implicated in some way with almost all chronic health conditions.  From a biochemical perspective it is the action of calcium and sodium upon the cell, in contrast to that of Magnesium (Sun) and Potassium (Moon), which creates the acidic environment as a natural consequence of body metabolism.  The build up of acidity in the cells occurs naturally throughout the day and is a cause of our eventual tiredness and a trigger for sleep, during which magnesium and potassium re-enter the cell leaving us invigorated, alkalised and energised for a new day….ideally.  Through stressful lifestyles and poor eating habits the cell is improperly cleansed and so upon awaking we are neither energised nor properly detoxified from the previous day.  This day night cycle is at the core of nutritional therapy.