Nerve impulses that travel the nervous system and the fine intricate web of etheric energy known as Chi are ruled and influenced by Uranus.  Chi is intimately connected to the breath, another Uranus principle which acts through and is captured by the Mercury ruled Lungs. Uranus can create erratic organ functioning unless balanced by the earthing Saturn principle.

Uranus also symbolises awakening which can only occur in the moment.  You cannot awaken consciousness with astrology or kabbalah becasue they are symbolic systems, they can only help us on our path to awakening.   You can only awaken consciousness by actively using consciousness itself, they arise together as a stochastic process – the purposeful randomness or Strange Loops of Joeseph Cilton Pearce.  The breath is used to establish a centre of gravity in our consciousness that enables the realisation of something other than the perpetual ‘I’ and hence the breath and its organ of expression, the lungs, and its channel of transmission, the nervous system, are all related to the planet Uranus and Aquarius.

Uranus rules Potassium due to its reactivity and has an antagonistic relationship with Martian ruled Sodium.  With the abundant Jupiter ruled Magnesium, Potassium is essential for proper intra-cellular activity regulating as it does the cellular membrane potential and the free flow of ions across that membrane.  Universal Chi force is the energising principle that enlivens the cell through Potassium and it’s interesting to note that shortness of breath can be related to low potassium levels which affects blood circulation, via the heart, to the lungs.