As well as being representational of the Soul, Pluto rules transformation at a cellular level and hence cellular metabolism and enzyme production and activity, for good or for bad.  It also rules the endocrine system, the elimination system, especially the colon, biological activity, genetics and the reproductive system.  Pluto can strengthen an organ but also cause it to atrophy.  Pluto can affect health negatively or positively through the action of the subconscious mind.

Within the archetype of Pluto, the Soul, exsist two separating desires – one desire pulls us away from Source and the other yearns to return.  The desire to return pushes us beyond existing limitations and constraints whilst the desire to separate from Source is the desire for worldly experience, the creative impulse that gives new form to the transcendent urge in the world. As mentioned in Uranus, this unfolds as purposeful randomness, a stochastic process, that describes a continually oscillating movement between two complementary impulses and is cyclical in nature until, gradually over time, all separating desires have been purged through the melting pot of experience.