The Sun is the central integrating factor of the entire horoscope and represents cellular vitality and the body’s ability to slough off disease.  Under the rulership of Leo, the Sun governs the physical heart but influences the solar plexus chakra, the seat of will power and creative actualisation.  It is also the seat of Agni, the digestive fire and metabolism and hence is implicated in situations of toxic overload and a generally sluggish system.

Esoterically, the Sun represents the seemingly abstract Christ centre and the birth of the seed of Christ consciousness established through meditative awareness.  Like a plant that needs to grow, that seed is a growing awareness that requires watering to establish itself i.e a conscious engagement with,  in order to grow, expand and become the new centre of consciousness, away from that of the sub-conscious mechanisms of the Moon/Ego.

The Sun in this capacity receives the dark light emitted from the Soul that through Will and Love is forged into a new identity, a new conscousness now centred in the universal.