Editing & Research

I first started studying astrology in 1986 when I was still a teenager, at about the same time I started a correspondence course in Herbalism. My interest in spirituality and healing has resulted in studying and practicing various ancient wisdom teachings including Kabbalah, Shamanism, Buddhism, Taoism and Zen as well as undertaking practical work in the Western Mystery Tradition. I have trained in Alchemical Hynotherapy with David Quigley and am a Reiki Master and Nutritional Therapist.

For the last five years I have been working closely with Mark Jones producing original and exiting research in new areas, including Planetary Nodes, as well as editing astrological and alternative medical manuscripts for authors around the globe.  My technical understanding of modern astrological computer programs, including Solar Fire and Sirius, means I can offer my clients individually tailored tutoring and advice as well as collaboration and guidance in practical astrological research.

At the moment I offer my technical research skills at $40/hr and a new package recently developed, in collaboration with Mark, centering on a graphic technical Planetary Node report at $25.  This includes a personal chart detailing your planetary node placements highlighting potential aspects to your natal planets.

In my private practice, I draw upon 15 years of nutritional practice and combine my extensive nutritional and astrological knowledge to help my clients achieve their full potential for their mind, body and spirit.